Who is God?

We all have those people in our lives we don’t know all that well, but we have an idea of who they are based on others opinions, what we see from the outside or what’s we’ve decided on them based on our own ideas.  I know most times, when I get to know them, my first opinion was wrong.  I realize I didn’t know them as well as I thought.

So lately, I’ve been questioning who God is.  There have been some really tragic, hard stuff happening around me and it leaves me wondering where’s God in all this.  Yeah, we all know bad stuff happens in life but some people, it seems like they get MORE than their share!  So how does this go with who I know God to be?  How could a family lose 3 kids in a car accident? How could a husband and wife lose their brand new baby? How can a wife and her 3 little kids lose their husband/ daddy in an instant?  It just doesn’t make sense to me.  And it messes with my head, “Maybe I’m next!  When is that bomb going to drop?”  How can a loving God allow this stuff to happen?  Why would he allow this to happen?

Who is God really?  Maybe my knowledge of God’s character is not really based on who he is.  Maybe it’s based on what I’ve learned in church, what I’ve heard other people say or what my OWN idea of who I think God should be.  What if my idea of God is not who he really is. What if I only have a small picture of him when he’s SO much more than I ever imagined?  Who is God?

In an effort to remedy this issue, my first thought was, “There’s got to be a book out there that deals with this issue!!”.. Of course there’s a book out there!  It’s called the BIBLE!  (Christian education at it’s finest!..lol) His character is ALL through that book.  His story of who he is, was and will be.  It’s all in there!  So that’s where I’m going.  I’m starting there.  And asking God to show me who he is.  To break down all the preconceived ideas, to show me the truth.   I want to know who God is and I want HIM to show me. He’s promised to reveal who he is when we search.  I’m relying on that promise.   Am I excited about this? Yes!  Am I nervous about what I’ll find? Yes! Will I find that I didn’t really know who God was? Sadly, most likely, yes…  But I’m tired of relying on what I know.  I want to see Him though HIS eyes.   And I want his words to reveal to me who he really is, was and will be.

“When you come looking for me, you’ll find me. Yes, when you get serious about finding me and want it more than anything else, I’ll make sure you won’t be disappointed.” Jeremiah 29:13 ~The Message.


2 thoughts on “Who is God?

  1. Hi friend! I did want to add a miracle to your list of horrible things that happen 🙂 There was a woman that I know that was told her baby would be born still… they were sure of it… and just this past week she gave birth to a healthy ALIVE baby… how cool is that?

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