“Yep, it’s broken!”

When you become a parent, you have no idea what it will involve.  You don’t think that one day you’ll be holding your 8 year old’s hand while his broken wrist is being set.  Or holding his arm in place while he gets an x-ray.  Or crawling in the hospital bed with him so he feels comfort with you being close.  That was my Saturday.

It began like any Saturday.. loudly!.. lol.  Soccer game day for my oldest and dad’s the coach.  We had just gotten to the soccer field and my 8 year old decided to climb a tree.  Now that didn’t really alarm me, he’s a tree climber/ risk taker…. As I was walking back to the van to get another chair, a thought passed through my head, “He is going to fall out of that tree and break his arm!  Wouldn’t that be interesting!”…. Not 1 minute later I see my husband walking him towards me, holding his arm.  “It’s broken isn’t it?!” I say to my husband.. “Yep.”… and it was obvious.  So off to the ER the two of us went.  And I have to say, neither of us were willing participants in this trip.  He was in LOTS of pain and I was dreading what I was going to have to endure.  I’m not good with trauma stuff.

On the way, a dear friend reminded me, “This is a memory maker with your son.  Remember that!  Make it a growing closer time with him.”  What a great reminder! So I took a deep breath and prayed, “Lord, give me the strength to do this.  The ability to comfort and look at the arm if I have to”.. lol

It was quite an experience for us.  Lots of tears, hugging, holding hands and saying it was going to be ok.  He’s in a soft splint now and waiting for a follow up appointment with a Orthopedic Dr today.

Here is what I have learned or relearned.  First, God absolutely gives strength in the moment!  I can’t explain it, but man am I thankful for it!  Second, as much as you hate their hurting, it sure feels good to have your child say, “Mom, I just want you to hold me.”  It reminds you they are just children who still need you.  He said to me this morning, out of the blue, “Mom, thanks for being there when I fell out of the tree.”… =) Love those moments!

So this momma saga continues…. who knew it would be so hard sometimes??.. I sure didn’t!  But like my friend reminded me, it’s all a chance to make memories with your child. Years from now, he may not remember the specific details of this situation or how freaked out I was, but if he remembers feeling loved, cared for and comforted, that’s good enough for me!


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